I can easily find a way for adding actions in activator.
( http://iphonedevwiki.net/index.php/Libactivator

This is the way to add event (like shake device..) for activator on iDevice.

First, You need libactivator.h
If you installed THEOS, you can find this. But that does not have interface for adding event.
So you need get libactivator.h from Ryan Petrich's github(Click Here).

Next, Add these code on your project.

Click ↓ (From source of libactivator - Link ) 
Then, when you call init, you event is added to activator.
I called init from Mobile Substrate Extension(.dylib) like this

Click ↓

You can called your event like this.
Click ↓(From source of libactivator - Link )

Thank you for reading my terrible English..TT

If you cannot understand this, you can find a lot of information here

https://github.com/rpetrich/libactivator  :  source of libactivator
 - LADefaultEventDataSource.m
: Add Event
 - Events.m
: Call Event
 - libactivator-private.h
: Interface of aboves

 - libactivator.h
 - libactivator.m

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